How to Delete the Administrator Account on Windows 7

Change the Account Type

If you have the unused administrator account on your computer then you can permanently delete it from windows 7. Learn easy to delete an administrator account on Windows 7. Delete the Administrator Account from Windows 7 1. Click the Start ...

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How to Create User Account in Windows 7 Professional

Create a New User Account on Windows 7

If your computer uses more than one person. You need to create a user account for others. You can create a user account on your computer for others to get your privacy. Learn how to add a user account in ...

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How to Change Standard User Account to Administrator Account in Windows 7

How to change user to administrator in Windows 7

You can add new standard user and administrator account windows 7. If you think that you want to change standard user account to administrator account then you can do it very easily. Changing Standard User to Administrator 1. Click the ...

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How to Easily Change User Account Name Windows 7

Change User account name Windows 7

When you setup your computer then you need to choose user account name for your computer. But you can change user account name on Windows 7. Follow few steps by step guide to changing username Windows 7. Changing User Name ...

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How to Set a Password for Windows 7 User Account

Add new password on Windows 7

When you stay outside of your computer then some unwanted users want to use your computer. You can create a password to protect them. When you setup a password on your computer then users need to login to use your ...

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How to Change Windows 7 User Account Pictures

User profile picture on Windows 7

The default picture is displayed on your Windows 7 user account. But you can change windows 7 account pictures. You can set your own picture on windows 7. Follow the step by step guide to change windows 7 user account ...

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How to Change Any Shortcut Icon in Windows 7

how to change shortcut icons windows 7

Change shortcut icon windows 7. When you setup software then you see a shortcut icon on your desktop. You can open and use it using this shortcut icon. You can change shortcut icon windows 7. Learn how to change shortcut ...

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How to Set and Customize 3D Screensaver in Windows 7

set up your screen saver

Set and customize 3d screensaver in windows 7. You can set 3d screensaver in windows 7. When you will not use your computer few minutes then screensaver will open. You can customize 3d screensaver in windows 7. Learn how to ...

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How to Manually Delete Temp Files in Windows 7


Deleting temp files in windows 7. Sometimes you need to delete temporary files in windows 7. There are many way to clear temp files windows 7. Learn how to delete temp files in windows 7. Steps to deleting temp files ...

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How to Empty Recycle Bin on Windows 7

how to empty recycle bin

Empty recycle bin. You can delete any from your computer. Your deleted file stored on your recycle bin folder. You can recover your deleted files and folders from recycle bin. But you can delete files from recycle bin. Remember that ...

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