How to Use Twitter Bookmarks

Twitter has a Like button to save interesting tweets for later. Twitter allows you to save tweets using bookmarks. Twitter bookmarks help you to add favorite tweets on your bookmarks list and you can watch it letter when you want. Today I will show you how to use Twitter bookmarks.

Add a Tweet on Your Twitter Bookmark List

You can easily bookmark tweets from the Twitter website using any computer and mobile web browser.

1. Open a web browser and open the website.

2. Log in to your Twitter account using your Twitter account email or username, password and press the login button.

3. Find the tweet which you want to bookmark.

  • Click the share button from the below-right corner of the tweet.
  • From the pop-up menu, select the Add Tweet to Bookmarks menu.

Your selected tweet will add to your Twitter bookmarks list.

How to Find Your Twitter Bookmarks

1. Open the Twitter website and sign in to your Twitter account.

2. Twitter menu will show the left of your Twitter homepage. Click on the Bookmarks menu from the menu bar.

You will see the all-tweet bookmarks.

How to Open a Tweet from Twitter Bookmarks

1. Login into Twitter if you are not already login.

2. Press the Bookmarks menu from the list.

3. You will see the all-Twitter bookmarks list. Click up to a tweet from this list to view its details.

Remove a Tweet from Twitter Bookmarks

1. Click on the Bookmarks menu from the left of the Twitter homepage.

2. Click the right-below corner Share icon which tweet you want to remove and select the Remove Tweet from the Bookmarks menu.

After that, you will not see the recently removed Tweet on your Twitter bookmarks list.

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