How to Like a Tweet on Twitter

Twitter has a tweet-like option. You can react to a tweet using the heart icon if you like a tweet. Follow the below method to like a Tweet on Twitter easily.

How to Like a Specific User Profile Tweet

1. Login to your Twitter account using email or username and password.

2. Input the of the person or page which user tweet you want to like.

3. You will see this specific user all tweets into the Tweets section.

4. Scroll down this user profile page to find out which tweet you want to like.

You will see a heart icon under every tweet. Click on the heart icon to like a Tweet.

After like the tweet, this heart icon will change in red color.

Using the same way, you can also like other Tweets.

Liking a Tweet on Twitter

1. Open the Twitter website and login to your Twitter account.

2. Tweets will show on the Twitter homepage.

3. Find the Tweets which you want to like.

The heart icon will show under the tweet. Press the heart icon to like the tweet.

How do You Know that You have Liked a Tweet on Twitter?

1. Without like a Tweet, the heart icon color will be white.

2. If you like a tweet, this heart icon color will be read and you also see how many accounts (including yours like) liked the Tweet.

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