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Twitter users want to know the trending topic at this moment. But most of the people don't find this option on Twitter. Today I will show you the easy method to find out Twitter trending topics and how to set trends for a specific location on Twitter.

You can check the trending topic on Twitter from your computer and mobile phone. You also set location-wise trending topics from both devices.

Check What's Trending on Twitter

Check from Computer

1. Open the Twitter website and log in to your Twitter account.

2. Click on the # Explorer menu from the left of the Twitter homepage. You can quickly open the Twitter Trending topic using the link.

3. You will see the latest trending topic on Twitter. Scroll down of the page and click the Show more link to see the more trending topic.

4. Click on the Home menu on your Twitter page. You will see your trending selected country right sight of this page. Here you will find the latest trending optic in your country.

Check from the Android Mobile

1. Open the Twitter app on your Android mobile and login to your Twitter account.

2. Touch the magnifying glass icon below of your mobile screen.

  • Tap to any title from this page to see the tweets. Trending tweets will show on your mobile screen.

Change Trends Settings on Twitter

Twitter Trending Worldwide from Computer

1. Sign in your Twitter account.

2. Click on the More menu with three horizontal dot icon from the left of your Twitter home screen.

  • Few menu options will appear. Select the Settings and privacy menu from here.

3. Under the Twitter account username section select the Content preferences option.

  • From the Explore section select the Trends option.

4. Click on the front of "Trends for you" checkbox to uncheck it. If you uncheck this box then you can change your Twitter account trending location from the Change Location section.

  • Disable the Trends for your checkbox. Click on the Change location with the front arrow icon.
  • Scroll up to find your trending country. Click up to the Worldwide from this list if you want to set Twitter trending worldwide.
  • After that, you will see the Worldwide text below of Change location text. Click on the X icon from top left corner to close this window.

5. Click on the Home menu from the left of the Twitter page.

Then you will see the Trending topics of your selected country.

Using the same way you can select any country from this list to get a trending topic of this country.

Twitter Trending UK From Android Mobile

1. Open the Twitter app and Login your Twitter account.

2. Press the magnifying glass icon from the menu bar.

  • Touch the gear icon from the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Drug the "Trends for you" slider of the left to disable this option.

  • Touch the "Trends location" option.

4. Type the first letter of the country which you want to select.

  • Select your country from this list.

5. You will see the recently selected country below the "Trends location" text.

  • Press the left-arrow icon to go back to the trending page.

Your selected country trending topic will show on this page. Touch up to a title to show the tweet.


​Common ​Questions and ​Answers

Q: How do you find out what is trending?

A: You can easily find out is a trending topic on Twitter using this lesson.

Q; How do you see top trends on Twitter?

A: You can see the trends on Twitter from your computer and android mobile using the upper method.

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