Twitter Communities

On Twitter, communities can refer to groups of users who share common interests, hobbies, or identities. These communities often form around specific hashtags, topics, or events, allowing users to engage in discussions, share content, and connect with others who have similar interests. They can be a great way to stay updated on a particular subject or to connect with like-minded individuals!

How to Create Twitter Communities

1. Sign in to the Twitter account and click the Communities menu from the left.

Click in front of the Communities title double human icon.

2. Click the Subscribe today button.

3. Select “I am an individual” or “I am an organization” and press the Subscribe button.

4. You need to buy a Premium package to create the Twitter spaces community.

  • Select the Annual plan or Monthly plan and press the Subscribe & Pay button.

4. Fill up the Communities Interest form.

  • Type your community username into the “Your Twitter username” box.
  • Type your email address into the “Your email” box.
  • Press the Submit button to create Twitter communities.

After you need to wait for approval from Twitter. If approved then you will able to use your own Twitter community.

How to Join Twitter Spaces Community

Join to Twitter Spaces Community from the Twitter Menu Bar

1. Sign in to your Twitter account and select the Communities menu from the left of your Twitter homepage.

2. Few communities will suggest you form Twitter. Click the Show more text link to see more communities list.

3. You can select a community from the list and join it. Or Click the “Search Communities” box, type your favorite community name, and select a community from the list.

4. Press the Ask to join or Join button as you see.


If you see the Join button that means you can join this community directly. If you see the Ask to join button that means, if the community owner accepts your request then you will able to join this community.

Join Twitter Community Using Community Link

1. Open the Twitter website using a web browser and log in to your Twitter account.

2. Open the Twitter Communities account page.

3. Scroll down below to look at your interests community. Click the View Community button.

4. Click the Try it out button.

5. Press the Ask to join button.

6. You need to agree with these community rules. Click the Agree and join button.

Everything is done. Now you are a member of your selected community.

7. Select the community from the search list and press Join to join this community.

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