How to Put Emojis in Twitter Name

When you make a new Twitter account, you need to provide your name on your Twitter profile. Twitter allows you to add emojis to your Twitter profile name. This article will show you how to put emojis in your Twitter name using a computer and mobile phone.

How to Add Emojis in Twitter Name Using a Web Browser

1. Open a web browser, open the website and sign in to your Twitter account.

2. Click up your Twitter profile picture from the top “For you” section.

3. On your Twitter Profile page, click on the Edit profile button.

4. Click in front of your Twitter name. Click the mouse-right button and select the Emoji option.

  • Choose an Emoji from this list and click on it. After clicking on an emoji, you will see that in front of your Twitter name. You can use multiple emojis from this list.
  • Press the Save button from the top to save this emoji on your Twitter Profile.

You will see your all selected emojis in front of your Twitter profile name.


Remember that Twitter has certain guidelines and limitations when it comes to usernames and display names, so make sure the emoji you choose is not in violation of their policies. Additionally, some emojis may not be supported or displayed properly across all devices, so you might want to test how your new name looks on different platforms. So it’s a good idea to check Twitter’s official guidelines for any changes.

Putting Emojis in Twitter Name on Android

1. Open the Twitter app X icon and sign in to Twitter.

2. Click on your Twitter profile picture from the top-left corner of your mobile screen.

3. Touch the Profile menu with the human icon.

4. Press on the Edit profile button.

5. Touch in front of your Twitter name.

  • Press the emoji icon from the mobile keyboard.

6. Select an emoji icon from the list and press the Save option from the top-right corner of the screen.

Your recently selected emoji will show on your profile.

Questions and Answers:

Que: How do you put symbols in a Tweet?

Ans: You can put symbols on your Twitter profile using the upper method.

Que: Why do people put emojis in Twitter names?

Ans: People put emojis in Twitter names to make their profile names so much more attractive and different from others.

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