How to Change Name on Twitter

People will easily find you on Twitter using your Twitter username or your Twitter display name. Most people provide their real names or business name on their Twitter profiles. If you want to change your Twitter display name, you can change it at any time. After changing your Twitter followers will automatically see your new name. This article will show you how to change your name on Twitter from a computer and mobile phone.

Change Your Twitter Name from Your Computer

1. Open the Twitter website and login to your Twitter account.

2. Click on the Profile menu with the human icon from the left of the menu list.

3. Your Twitter account profile page click on the Edit profile button.

4. Type the name that you want into the Name field. You can add your Twitter name maximum of 50 characters long. You don’t need to add a unique name into the name field, and you can add anything you want.

5. After adding your name, click on the Save button from the upper-right corner of the edit profile page.

Your recently added name will show on your Twitter profile.

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