How to Invite People to Join Your Group on Gmail

You can share anything with your Gmail group members. But at first, you need to invite them to join your Gmail group. Which people join your Gmail group, you can share anything with them. Learn an easy way to invite people to join your Gmail group.

Invite People to Join Your Gmail Group

1. Open your web browser, type your web address bar and press Enter button from keyboard.

2. Sign in your Gmail group account using Gmail email address and password.

3. Gmail group homepage will open.

Click up to My groups link to open your all Gmail group lists.

Click up to Manage link behind of your Gmail group name to manage your group. Invite someone to join your Gmail Group

4. Few menus will appear with few sub-menus.

Click up to Invite members sub-menu inside of Members menu to invite someone to join your Gmail group.

You will see two boxes. Fill the two boxes with the required information.

Click behind of “Enter Email addresses of people to invite” blank box and type invitation people email addresses.

Click behind of “Write and invitation message” blank box and type invitation message.

Click the Send invites button to send the invite to your selected people. Invite members to Join your Group on Gmail

5. Type the code as you will see the upper image.

Click the Continue button to send the invitation.

6. Click up to the Done button to complete it.

Your invitation has sent. If your invited people accept your invitation then he/she will join your Gmail group. Using the same way you can invite any person to join your Gmail group lists.

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