Change Refresh Rate in Windows 7

The monitor refresh rate is the number of times your computer monitor refreshes the images each second on your screen. Such as, 60 Hertz rate means your display updates 60 images per second.

Most of the people don’t know about it. But it helps to games to get better monitor screen quality. You can easily know how to check the refresh rate and how to change the refresh rate in Windows 7.

How to Change Refresh Rate in Windows 7 Safe Mode

1. Right-click the blank space on your computer screen and select the Screen resolution. How to rotate computer screen Windows 7

2. Click the Advanced Settings link on screen resolution window. Can Not Change Refresh Rate in Windows 7

3. Select the Monitor tab from this window. You will see the screen refresh rate in the monitor settings section.

  • Click the below of Screen refresh rate text drop down menu and select the refresh rate.
  • Press the Apply and OK button. Change Refresh Rage in Windows 7

Using this way, you can easily check your monitor refresh rate and change Windows 7 refresh rate.

Can’t Change Refresh Rate in Windows 7

1. Press the start button and select Control Panel.

2. Click the in front of View by down arrow icon and select the Large icons.

  • Click the Display link with monitor icon.

3. Select the Adjust resolution from the left of the window.

4. Click up to the Advanced settings text.

5. Click the Monitor tab to select it.

6. From the Monitor Settings section, click the below of Screen refresh rate drop down box and select the refresh rate.

7. You can also set the screen resolution from this option.

  • Select on the Adapter tab from the Graphics Properties dialog box and click the List All Modes button.

8. Select the screen resolution from the modes list box.

Press the OK button to set this screen resolution.

9. Click the Apply and OK button to save this setting.

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