Update Google Chrome

New Chrome update helps to improve your browsing security. So, when Google Chrome updates a new version then you need to update. In this lesson, I will teach you how to update Google Chrome browser on your computer and mobile phone. 

Google Chrome Auto Update

Google Chrome update automatically by default. If you see Chrome is out of date message then you need to wait few hours to Chrome will auto update by itself. But if you disabled the Chrome auto update then you need to update manually.

How to Update Chrome Browser on Windows 7

1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer.

2. Click the three-dot sign from the top-right on your Google Chrome window.

  • You can know the pending update to watching this dot-sigh color.

Gray: If you see this icon with a gray color that means you are using Google Chrome updated version.

Green: Green color means an update has been available for 2 days.

Orange: It means an update has been available for 4 days.

Red: It means an update has been available for 7 days.

  • ​Scroll-down the Help menu and select the About Google Chrome sub-menu to check Chrome version. 
About Google Chrome Browser

​3. A new window will appear with “Checking for updates” message. Wait hare few seconds until you see any result.

  • If you see the “Google Chrome is up to date” message with tick sign that means your Google Chrome browser already updated. You don’t need to update your browser right now.
  • If your Google Chrome needs to update then this update will start automatically. When your Chrome browser will be updating then you will see a message, like “Updating Google Chrome (5%)”.  Wait for hare until update complete.
  • After finishing your update, you will see the Relaunch button. Click this Relaunch button to restart your browser. Now you are using Chrome update version.

If you want to check your Google Chrome version then you can do it easily.

The Quick way to New Chrome Update on PC

1. Open your Chrome browser on your computer or laptop.

2. Type the Google Chrome web address bar chrome://settings/help text and hit the Enter button. 

New Chrome Update
  • If you see the Update Google Chrome button then click on it for an update or if you don’t see this button then Google Chrome will update automatically. After finish, the update clicks the Relaunch button.
  • If you see the “Google Chrome is up to date” message then you don’t need to update your Chrome browser. Because you are using the latest version of Chrome.

Update Chrome Browser on Android from Play Store

1. Open your Android phone Google Play Store.

2. Touch the play store search bar, type the Google Chrome and select the “Google Chrome: Fast & Secure” with the Chrome icon.

3. Press the UPDATE button to update Google Chrome browser on Android mobile.

4. You will see the updating progress with the percentage. Wait few seconds until download and install Google Chrome browser on your Android mobile. After completing the download and install, press the Open button to open the Chrome browser on Android.

Using this way, you can easily update Chrome on your mobile phone.

​Chrome Update on Android Mobile

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your mobile phone.

2. Tap to the three-street line from the top-left corner of your Google Play store.

3. Select the My apps & games menu from the list to see your all installed apps list.

If you see your Android phone Chrome app with the Update button then press the Update button to Google Chrome update on Android mobile.

If you don’t see the Chrome browser on this list then you don’t need to update the Chrome browser app on your mobile.

Using this way, you can update any installed app on your Android mobile.

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