Unblock an Email Address in Hotmail

You can block someone on Hotmail. But if you think that you want to unblock the blocked sender in Hotmail then you can do it easily to following this article. After unblocking the email address you will receive the email on your Hotmail email inbox from this email address.

1. You need to log in to your Hotmail account if you want to unblock someone on Hotmail.

2. Click on the gear icon and select the View all Outlook settings text.

3. Select the Mail tab with the envelop icon.

  • Select the Junk email tab.
  • Under the "Blocked senders and domains" section you will see the all blocked email address and domain name list that you have blocked in the past.
  • Click in front of the email address and domain name trash icon which you want to unblock.
  • After clicking this icon you will not see the recently deleted email address or domain name into the blocked sender's list. Click on the Save button.

Now you will receive the unblocked email address email on your Hotmail email inbox. Using the way you can easily unblock an email address in Hotmail.

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