Block Someone on Hotmail

Unwanted email fill your Hotmail account email inbox. You can easily block unwanted email senders and websites on Hotmail using this process.

1. Login your Hotmail account using a Hotmail email address and password.

2. Click the Gear icon and select the Options menu from the list.

  • Click on the View all Outlook settings text link.

3. Click on the Mail option with the envelope from the settings page.

  • Select the Junk email option.
  • From the Blocked senders and domains section click on the + Add text.
  • Into the "Example: for sender, and domain." box type the email address or website address which you want to block and hit the Enter button from your keyboard.
  • You will see the recently blocked sender's email address or domain name on the email block list. Using the same way you can add more email addresses on this block list.
  • Click the Save button to save this setting.
  • Press the upper-right corner x icon on the Settings page to close this window.

After that, the block sender's email will not show on your Hotmail message inbox.

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