Twitter Expands Character Limit to 10000

Twitter Character Limit

Twitter’s original character limit was 140 characters which was increased to 240 characters in 2017. So, everyone can post 240-character tweets with emojis, videos and images. Twitter Blue subscriber’s tweet length will be a maximum of 10,000 characters and it supports italic and bold text formatting.

Elon Musk increased the tweet limit the first time to 4,000 characters and now 10,000 characters. It also supports bold and italic formatting. But this new character limit is available only to Twitter blue users.

Twitter Announced that users can purchase the Twitter Blue services to use the Twitter premium features. Users can generate revenue from their tweets.

Every user will be able to read longer tweets, but only Twitter blue users can post longer than 240 characters.

How Can I Tweet More than 240 Characters on Twitter without a Premium Subscription

1. Click the “What is happening?!” box and type what you want to post. Type a maximum of 240 characters.

Click the + icon left of your Post button.

what is the twitter character limit

Into the “Add another post” section type more characters.

  • Press the Post All button to this tweet.
twitter character limit counter

3. The Twitter X page will open, click the Got it button.

You will see your recent tweet. Using the same way you can add more characters to your Tweet on Twitter.

Questions and Answers:

Que: What is the Twitter character limit?

Ans: Twitter character limit means, how many characters users can post on one tweet on Twitter.

Que: Where is the Twitter character limit counter?

Ans: You don’t need to count characters yourself. When you type a tweet a character counter circle will show left of your Post button. After filling up this circle you will see the number. When you see the number, you will not be able to post. Delete a few characters, number will not be shown then you will able to post.

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