Screen Timeout Android

You can set Android timeout longer or faster using your mobile phone default command. You don’t need to download any special apps or rooting to screen timeout Android. By default, Android mobile screen timeout duration 30 seconds to 10 minutes. It depends on your mobile phone. You can set the screen timeout from this list.

There are a lot of ways to adjust your Android screen timeout. Hare, I explain the quick and easiest way to adjust the screen timeout on Android mobile phone.

How to Screen Timeout on Android Mobile

1. Unlock your android mobile phone and touch up to Apps icon to open your mobile apps.

2. Touch the Settings tab with gear icon opens your settings android mobile settings page. on screen timeout Android

3. Scroll down the Settings page to find out Display tab.

In the Device section, touch up to the Display tab with mobile screen image. Stop screen timeout Android

4. You will see few options.

Touch up to the Screen timeout tab to change your screen timeout on android mobile. Android screen timeout too fast

5. Touch the round circle to set your android mobile display time limit. Screen Timeout Android

After setting the time, close the window. All you have done. Now your mobile display will off after your selected time.

If you don’t want turn off your mobile display then select the “Never turn off” from the list. But it will not allow every mobile device. If you see this option then you can set no screen timeout Android mobile.

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