How to Type an Underscore on Android Phone Touch Screen Keyboard

When you want to type a message then you need to type underscore (_) character using the mobile phone. Generally, you will not see underscore key on your touch screen keyboard. Learn an easy way to type underscore on your android mobile phone.

Find Underscore Character on Android Phone

1. Unlock your phone and touch envelope icon to write a message. Type a message on Android

2. Touch the create new message icon. Create new message on android phone

3. Touch the Enter message box to write a message.

  • Touch 123Sym key from the keyboard.Write new message
  • Touch the 1/3 key to see more character. More key on Android Phone

4. Then you will see underscore key on your mobile phone keyboard.

  • Touch the underscore key to write it. Type underscore on android phone

Follow upper steps to insert underscore using touch screen keyboard.