Remove Profile Picture from Yahoo Mail

Yahoo allows you to add a picture to your Yahoo profile. It helps you to identify your profile. But sometimes you need to delete Yahoo profile picture. In this article, you can easily know how to remove profile pictures from Yahoo mail.

Yahoo Profile Picture Remove Using a Web Browser

1. Open Yahoo website.

  • Click the Mail with envelope icon from the top-right corner of the Yahoo website log in to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Input your yahoo account email address and password and press the login button.

2. Your yahoo account email inbox page will open.

  • Hover your mouse pointer up to your name with your profile picture and click up to the Account Info option.

3. A new tab will open with your Yahoo account’s personal information.

  • You will not be able to delete your yahoo profile picture. So, download a white color picture Google and set it on your yahoo profile picture. 
  • Click up on your profile picture camera icon. Choose a white color picture from your computer and click the Open button.
  • Press the Crop and save button.

After that will not see any picture on your Yahoo account profile.

Delete Yahoo Profile Picture on Mobile Phone

1. Open the yahoo mail app and sign in to your Yahoo email account.

2. Touch up on your Yahoo profile picture.

3. Select the Settings with the gear icon.

4. Press the Manage accounts option.

5. Touch on the Account Info link in front of your yahoo profile picture.

6. Up to your yahoo profile picture press the camera icon.

Select the “Choose from gallery” option. Select a white color photo from your phone gallery.

After that, you will see your profile picture in white.


​Common ​Questions and ​Answers

Q: How do I remove my picture from Yahoo mail?

A: You can easily remove your picture from Yahoo mail by following the upper steps.

Q: How can I change my profile picture in Yahoo mail?

A: You can easily change your yahoo profile picture by following the below link.

How to Change Yahoo Profile Picture

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