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How to remove desktop gadgets from windows 7

Remove desktop gadgets from windows 7. You can add Clock, Calendar, Feed and Slide Show gadget on windows 7 desktop. But sometimes you want to disable gadgets windows 7. Learn how to remove desktop gadgets from windows 7 operating system.

Steps to remove desktop gadgets windows 7


Watch windows 7 gadget. If you already have active any gadget on your windows 7 desktop then you will see it. Normally active gadget you will see right sight of your desktop.


Remove gadgets windows 7


Disable gadget. Move over you mouse pointer up to gadget which gadget are you want to remove from your desktop.

You will see X icon right sight of your selected gadget.

Click this icon to remove your selected gadget from your computer.



Remove selected gadget. After that you will not see your recent removed gadget on your desktop.

Using this way you can delete any gadget from you windows 7 desktop.

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