How to Change Wallpaper Android Smart Phone Easily

Android phone has default wallpaper. You can see after buying an android phone. But you can change your android phone wallpaper. Follow the steps to change wallpaper android phone.

Change Wallpaper on Android

1. Open Apps page. Unlock your phone and touch Apps button to open your android phone apps page.

2. Open Settings page. Scroll left or right to find out settings button on the android phone. Touch up to Settings button to open your android phone settings page. Android Phone Settings

3.  Scroll down on your phone to find out display button. Touch up to Display button to change your mobile phone display settings. Android Phone Display

4. Touch up to Wallpaper button to change your mobile phone wallpaper.

5. You will see three options. Click Home and lock screens button from this options. Android phone Home and Lock Screens

6. You can set your mobile wallpaper from Gallery, Live wallpapers or wallpaper.

Touch wallpapers button to open wallpapers gallery. Change Wallpaper Android

7. Scroll left or right and touch a wallpaper to select it. Touch Set wallpaper button to set this wall paper for your mobile screen. How to Change Wallpaper on Android Phone

8. Using the same way you can set your wallpaper from Gallery or Live wallpapers. So follow upper instructions to change wallpaper android device.

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