How to Uninstall Flash Player from Windows 7 Easily

How to uninstall flash player from windows 7 easily. If you having problem with flash player then you need to remove flash player from your computer to reinstall adobe flash player on windows 7. You can manually clean flash player from your PC. Learn how to successfully uninstall flash player from windows 7.

Uninstall Flash Player

[toggle title=”1. Windows 7 Control Panel. ” state=”open” ]Click Start button on windows 7. This button you will see left below cornet on windows 7. Click Control Panel button to open windows 7 control panel.Uninstall Adobe Flash[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2. Open Programs and Features.” state=”open” ]Click in front of View by and select Large icons from lists. Scroll down or up to find Programs and Features text. Click up to Programs and Features text to open your all installed software lists.remove Adobe Flash[/toggle]

[toggle title=”3. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player.” state=”open” ]Click up to Adobe Flash Player text with icon to select adobe flash player. Click Uninstall button to uninstall flash player from windows 7.uninstall-flash-player[/toggle]

[toggle title=”4. Uninstall Flash Player.” state=”open” ]Uninstall flash player dialog box ill open with UNINSTALL button. Click UNINSTALL button to uninstall flash player from your computer. Tips: Remember that you need to close your web browser to completely uninstall flash player from windows 7 operating system.[/toggle]

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