Set Up a Homegroup Network in windows 7

Homegroup is a network which your computer connected to another computer. Where you can share pictures, videos, music, documents and printers with others. If you want to share then at first you need to make a homegroup network and add people to your network. After that, your allowed people can access your shared folders. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a homegroup in Windows 7.

Create a Homegroup in Windows 7

1. Press the Start button and select the Control Panel option.

2. Click in front of View by the down-arrow icon and choose the Large icons option. Click the HomeGroup from the control panel page.

Tips: Homegroup Button isn’t Work

If you see the “To create or join a homegroup, your computer’s network location must be set to Home.” Message. Then follow the instruction

  • Click the “What is a network location” link.
  • Select the Home network with the house icon.
  • Wait few seconds after that click the Cancel button.

3. If you see the “there is currently no homegroup on the network” message, it means you haven’t created any homegroup.

  • Click the Create a homegroup button to create a homegroup in Windows 7.

4. You will see the few options with check boxes which you can share. Documents option unchecked by default, if you want to share it then check this box.

  • If you want to don’t share any option from this list then uncheck this specific option.
  • Press the Next button.

5. Click below of “Write down this password” blank box and type your homegroup network password.

  • When you want to add people in this Homegroup network then you need this password, so remember it. Press up to the Finish button.

6. You will see the settings window where you make the change.

  • Click the Save changes button to save these settings.

I hope you have already created a homegroup on your computer. If you have any problem then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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