How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 Free on Windows 7

Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 7.  Maximum people use Microsoft Office program to their official work. At first, you need to install MS Office on your computer before use. Learn how to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 7 operating system.

Table of content

Install Office 2010 using software

1. Open Office 2010 software folder.  Open Office 2010 software folder from your computer CD drive or hard disk.

2. Open setup file. You will see setup icon with setup text. Right-click up to setup icon using mouse pointer.You will see few options. Click Open text from options to setup office 2010.Open Office 2010 install software

3. User account control. You will User Account Control dialog box then click Yes button to continue setup Microsoft Office 2010.

4. Microsoft office professional plus 2010. You see a dialog box with Upgrade and Customize button. You see this dialog box if you have already installed Office another version.Click Customize button to install Office 2010. Microsift Office Professional plus 2010

5. Keep all office versions. You will see three options with radial box.Click Keep all previous versions to keep your previous versions office software.Click Install Now button to install this software on your computer. Office Keep all previous versions

6. Office 2010 Installation progress. Microsoft Office 2010 installation dialog box will open. You see Office 2010 install progress. Wait until complete this process.

How to open Office 2010 on Windows 7

1. Click Start button.

2. Click up to All Programs tab to see your installed all programs lists.

3. Scroll down and select Microsoft Office.

4. You will see MS Office programs lists. Click up to a program which you wants to use.