Download and Install a New Font in Windows 7

When you install Windows 7 then Windows 7 default font will automatically install in your computer. You can write anything using Windows 7 default font. But you can download and install a new font in Windows 7 easily.

Few people want to make their text on a new look and they want to add new fonts in their computer. But most of the people don’t know how to download their favorite font from the internet and how to install it on their computer.

Windows 7 allow you to install new fonts in your computer and laptop. There are many unique and eye-catching and fun fonts available on the internet. Follow this article to download a free font and install it in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Fonts Free Download

1. Launch an internet browser on your computer.

  • Type the and hit the Enter to open Google website.
  • Input the free font into the Google search bar and hit the Enter button.

2. Click up to a title from the search result.

  • Scroll down the website then you will see the font style with Download button. Click the Download button which font you want to download.
  • You will see the recently download font left-below of your Chrome browser. If you download Firefox browser then you will find it the top-right corner of your browser down arrow icon.
  • Click up to the recently downloaded folder arrow icon and select the Show in Folder option.

3. Download folder will open with your recently downloaded font. You need to extract this folder to install your downloaded font on your computer.

  • Click the mouse right button up to the folder and select the Extract files option. If you want to extract any ZIP file then you need to install unzip software on your computer.

4. Find out the recently extract the folder from here. Right-click the recently downloaded font folder and select the open.

  • Your font folder will open. Right-click the font .ttf file and select the install option to install this font on your computer.

5. A new window will open with Print and Install button. Press the Install button to install fonts in Windows 7.

After install, the font closes the window. Now you can use this font to write anything.

How Do I Install .ttf Fonts on Windows 7?

1. Click the start button and select the Control Panel.

2. Click in front of View by and select the Large icons option from the control panel window.

3. Select the Fonts with the folder icon to open the Windows 7 font folder. Your installed font list will open.

4. Open your downloaded font folder which font you are want to install.

  • Click and hold down the font .ttf file and move it on your Windows 7 font folder.

Wait a few seconds until installing the font. After installing the font, you will find it into your font folder.

Find the Recently Installed Font on the Windows 7 Font Folder

1. Press the start button, type into the search box %windir%\fonts text and press the Enter button.

​2. ​Your installed font folder will open. Click the top-right corner search fonts box and type your font name which is you want to find.

 After that, you will see your recently installed font in the Windows 7 font folder.

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