Install the New Fonts on Windows 10

​​When you setup Windows 10 on your computer then few fonts automatically installed. But you can add new font on your Windows to get a new style. In this article, I will show you a few easy methods to download and install free fonts on Windows 10 easily.

Download the Fonts from Online

1. Open a web browser, type the and hit the Enter button to open it.

2. Type the free font into the Google search bar and press the Enter button.

3. Click up to a website URL from the search result.

  • You will see a few fonts name with the font style. Click up to the Download button in front of the font name which you like.
  • Wait few seconds until download the font. I used the Google Chrome browser to download this font. You will find the downloaded font fellow-left corner of your Chrome browser. You can use any browser to download this font.
  • Click up to the recently downloaded file with an up arrow icon. Select the Show in folder option.
  • You need to extract the GIF file. You need a GIF software to extract this file. Right-click up to the recently downloaded file and select the Extract files option.
  • You will see a new dialog box, press the OK button.

You will find the extract folder top of this folder.

Install Free Fonts on Your Computer

Install the New Font

1. Double click the font folder.

2. Right-click the font file and select the Install option.

This font has installed on your computer.

Using this way, you can install any font on your computer or laptop.

Find the Recently Installed Font

1. Open a writing software like MS Word.

2. Click on the font selection menu on MS Word and type the font name. Then you will see your recently installed font name on this list.

  • Type a word on MS Word. You will see that your text will recently installed font style.

Install Font on Control Panel

1. Right-click the font file and select the Copy option.

2. Type the control panel into the search box and select the Control Panel.

3. In front of View by select the Large icons option.

  • Click the Fonts with a folder icon.
  • You will see your all installed font list. Click the mouse right-button empty space on this folder and select the Paste option.

This font has installed on your computer. Now you can use this font.

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