How to Empty Recycle Bin on Windows 7

Empty recycle bin. You can delete any from your computer. Your deleted file stored on your recycle bin folder. You can recover your deleted files and folders from recycle bin. But you can delete files from recycle bin. Remember that if you delete files of folders from recycle bin then you will not restore your deleted file on your computer. Learn how to empty recycle bin folder on windows 7.

Method 1 of 2: How to empty recycle bin

[toggle title=”1. Empty recycle bin” state=”open” ]how to empty recycle binClick mouse right button up to Recycle Bin folder. You will see few options. Click Empty Recycle Bin button to clear recycle bin folder.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Recycle Bin” state=”open” ]After that you will not see any file on your recycle bin folder. Using this way you can clear our recycle bin folder.[/toggle]

Method 2 of 2: Delete files from recycle bin

[toggle title=”1. Open recycle bin folder” state=”open”]recyclebinClick up to Recycle Bin folder from your mouse right button. Few options will open. Click Open text to open recycle bin folder.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2. Delete files from recycle bin” state=”open” ]delete files from recycle binRecycle bin folder will open. Click mouse right button up to file or folder are you want to delete from recycle bin. Click Delete button to delete this file or folder from recycle bin.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”3. Delete all files or folders” state=”open” ]Using the same way you can delete all files or folders from recycle bin.[/toggle]

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