How to Change the Twitter Notification Sound on Android and iPhone

Twitter did not have a built-in feature that allowed users to change the notification sound within the app. The notification sound is usually determined by your device’s settings rather than the Twitter app itself. Here’s a general guide on how to change the Twitter notification sounds on Android and iPhone.

How to Change Twitter Notification Sound on Android

1. Open the Settings with the gear icon on your mobile phone.

2. Scroll down the settings page and select the Apps & notifications options.

3. Select the App info or App option to the all-installed app information on your screen.

Note: A few mobile your will see the Manage Apps option. If you see this, click on the Manage Apps option otherwise follow step 4.

4. Find the Twitter app with the X icon on your phone and touch the X icon.

5. Touch on the Notifications option.

6. Scroll down and touch on the Direct Message option.

7. Click on the Advanced option.

  • More options will show on your mobile screen. Select the Sound option.
  • Your phone’s available sound list will show. Select a sound from this list. You will hear your selected sound. Choose your favorite sound from this list.

Everything is done. Close everything from your phone screen. Now when you receive a notification from Twitter, you will hear your selected sound.

How to Change Twitter Notification Sound on iPhone

1. Open your iPhone Settings app.

2. Scroll down to find and tap on “Twitter” or “X” option.

3. Select the Sound & Haptics option.

4. Twitter notifications might fall under the “Text Tone” or “New Mail” settings. Tap on the relevant option.

5. Choose a sound from this list you want to use as the notification sound for Twitter.


Please note that these instructions might vary slightly depending on your device model and the version of the operating system it’s running. If Twitter has introduced a new feature allowing users to change notification sounds within the app since my last update, you can check the Twitter app settings for any such options.

Questions and Answers:

Q: How do I customize my Twitter notifications?

A: You can customize your Twitter notifications.

Q: How can I customize my notification sound?

A: Yes you can customize your Twitter notification sound. Follow upper first method to change it from an Android device and follow the second method to change it from your iPhone.

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