How to Add Videos Link on Windows 7 Start Menu

Add videos link on windows 7 start menu. You can customize the start menu on windows 7. You also add a videos link to the start menu on windows7. Learn how to add a videos link to your start menu in windows 7.

 Steps to add videos link on windows 7 start menu



Open start menu properties. Click mouse right button up to your windows 7 Start button.

You see few options then click Properties text from these potions.[/box]




Customize links icons. A new dialog box will open. Select Start Menu from this dialog box. Click Customize button to customize it.[/box]




Select videos display as a link. You also see a new dialog box then scroll down and choose Display as a link redial button.

Click OK button to save this settings.

Click Ok button again on to previous dialog box.[/box]




Display videos as a menu. If you want to display video as a menu then follow the previous instruction to open the same dialog box. Only select Display as a menu redial box and click OK button.[/box]

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