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How to Turn on Windows 7 Default Games on Computer

Windows 7 default games. Widows 7 have free default games. You can play any games from game lists. But if you don’t find Microsoft free games from windows 7 then at first turn on windows 7 games. Learn how to enable windows 7 default games.

Steps to turn on windows 7 default games on computer



Open control panel. Click start button and click Control Panel button.


windows 7 default games


Open windows 7 programs. Click in front of View by and choose Category from lists.

Click Programs button from control panel page.


turn on windows 7 games


Turn on or off windows features. Click Turn Windows features on or off text to turn on windows 7 game.


computer games for windows 7


Turn on windows 7 game. You will see windows features page. Click the check box to tick this box and click OK button to active windows 7 default game.



Games turn on windows 7. Wait hare few moments until complete the process. After that click (Start > All Programs > Games) button to find out your windows 7 games.

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