How to Turn Off Screensaver in Windows 7

Screensaver increase your computer style. Windows 7 has default screensavers. You can use it on your computer and you can download a screensaver from the internet.  But sometimes you need to disable screensaver on your computer. Follow the step by step guide to know how to turn off screensaver in Windows 7.

Disable Screensaver in Windows 7

1. Click the mouse right button on your desktop and select Personalize to disable screensaver in Windows 7Disable Screensaver in Windows 7

2. A new dialog box will open. Click the Screen Saver text with a desktop icon. Turn off screensaver in Windows 7

3. Click below of Screen saver arrow icon and select (None) from the list.

Click the Apply and OK button to disable this screensaver on your computer. How to turn off screensaver in Windows 7

After that, you will not see screensaver on your computer.

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