Delete Registry Files in Windows 7

Know about how to delete unwanted registry files in windows 7. The Windows registry keeps your every installed program data on your computer. If your computer has any corrupted file then your computer will run slowly and this specific program does not work properly. Then you need to delete registry keys from your computer.

When you uninstall software from the control panel then this uninstalled software removes from the control panel but not from your computer. Registry editor still stores your uninstalled software in it. If you want to permanently remove it from your computer then you need to edit the registry settings.

In this lesson, you can easily know how to edit the registry key and how to delete registry files in Windows 7.

Remember that backup your registry key before edit or delete it. If you have deleted the wrong files then it helps to get back your previous potions.

Delete Unwanted Registry Files in Windows 7

1. Click the Windows 7 start button and type the “regedit” into the search bar.

  • Regedit exe file will appear top of your start bar. Right-click up to the regedit and select the “Run as administrator” to open the registry editor on your computer. Open Registry Window in Wndows 7

2. If you see “User account control” message then press the Yes button.

3. Click up to the arrow icon on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” from the registry editor window to expend it.

  • Choose the Software with arrow icon to expand it. Then you will see your all installed software list. How to Delete Unwanted Registry Files in Windows 7

Now you can delete any files from here. At first, you need to select the specific file which is you want to delete in Windows 7 registry.

Example: I want to delete Skype. So, at first, I will find the skype named folder from here. After finding the folder right click on it which you are want to remove from the registry and press the Delete button.

4. Right-click up to the skype folder and choose the Delete option to delete registry files in Windows 7. Delete Registry Files in Windows 7

After that, you will not see the Skype registry files in Windows 7 registry list.

If you want to delete another registry then follow the same process.

How to Clean Registry in Windows 7 Using cmd

The Registry is the biggest part of Windows. You can use the “Registry Editor” to modify your Windows database when you need to fix an issue. Know about how to clean registry in Windows 7 using cmd.

1. Click your start button, type the search box cmd and select the cmd with the black color image to open the command prompt window. Open cmd on Windows 7

2. Type the reg /? in front of your Windows name on command prompt window and hit the Enter button to run the tool. Open Registry Window in Windows 7 Using cmd

3. All registry options will open. Now you can edit your registry using the following command.

Using this way you can add, edit or delete registry in Windows 7 using cmd.

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