Check Mail in Gmail Inbox

Gmail has large storage for free. So, maximum people like to use Gmail mail service. If you Gmail mail user then you need to check mail in Gmail inbox. Most of the Gmail users don’t know that how to check there email quickly. This tutorial you can know that how to check your emails on Gmail account quickly.

How to Check Inbox Mail in Gmail on Computer

1. Open Google website, login to your Gmail account using the email address and password.

2. After login Gmail, if you see Google homepage with your name then click Gmail text to open your Gmail mail inbox. How do I Access My Gmail Account

3. You will see your incoming email message lists on Gmail inbox page. Click up to any email subject which you are want to check. Check My Emails on Gmail

4. Your selected email message will open. Now you can read this email.

Shortcut Method to Check Mail in Gmail Inbox

Using this same way you can check mail in Gmail inbox. You can check next and previous message quickly on Gmail using keyboard shortcuts. At first, open an email message on Gmail.

  • Next message: Press j button from Keyboard.
  • Previous message: press k button from keyboard.

Remember that you need to turn on keyboard shortcuts on Gmail to use these shortcuts.

Check Mail in Gmail Inbox on Android Mobile

1. Open a web browser on your Android mobile.

2. Input the on your web browser address bar and press the Go button.

  • You all email message will open on your Andoird mobile.
  • Touch up to an email message subject which you want to read. Check Mail in Gmail Inbox
  • After that, you selected email will open on your mobile phone. Now you read this email message.

Using this way you can easily check mail in Gmail inbox on Android mobile.

So, follow any method to check inbox mail in Gmail.

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