Open Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Internet Explorer is the default browser of Windows. When you set up Windows then Internet Explorer will automatically install on your computer. If you want to use it then at first you need to open Internet Explorer. In this lesson, I will show you how to open Internet Explorer in Windows 7.

You will find many ways to open Internet Explorer. I discuss 8 easy methods to open it. 

Launch Internet Explorer in Windows 7 Using Shortcut Icon

1. You can open Internet Explorer on your computer using a desktop shortcut.

  • Click mouse right button up to the Internet Explorer shortcut icon on the desktop and select the Open option to open Internet Explorer.
How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 7

You can also open it to double-click up to the shortcut icon.

From the Start Menu

1. Press your start button and click the All Programs menu to show all menu list.

  • Find out and select the Internet Explorer menu.

From the Taskbar Shortcut Icon

1. You will find the IE shortcut icon on your Windows 7 taskbar.

  • Click up to the Internet Explorer shortcut icon from the taskbar to open IE.

Open from the Start Menu Search Bar

1. Click the start button and type into the search box Internet Explorer text.

  • Choose Internet Explorer from the search result.

Open from the Programs Files

Open the Internet Explorer folder (C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer).

Click the mouse-right button up to iexplore with e-icon and select the Open option.

Using the Run Window

1. Click the start button of Windows 7, type the Run into the search box and select the Run option from the search result.

2. Click in front of Open, type the iexplore and press the OK button. 

Use the Command Prompt Window to Open Internet Explorer

1. Open the Command Prompt on your computer.

2. Type the “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” text into the command prompt window and hit the Enter button from keyboard.

Launch Internet Explorer Browser Using Windows PowerShell

1. Launch the Windows PowerShell on the computer.

2. Type the cd “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer” text and hit the Enter button.

  • In front of the previous result type the .\iexplore.exe text and press the Enter key.

​You can launch internet explorer browser using upper any method.

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