How to Remove Bing from the Firefox Browser

If you face an unexpected opening, open the Bing website on your Firefox browser and don’t want to use Bing. You can remove it from your browser easily. Follow this article to remove Bing from the Firefox browser.

Remove Bing from Firefox Default Search Preferences

1. Launch the Firefox browser on your computer.

2. Click the Firefox web address bar, type the about:preferences#search text and hit the Enter button.

3. Into the “Default Search Engine” section, click the drop-down menu and select the different search engine form list.

Restart your Firefox browser. After that, Firefox will use your selected search engine when typing anything on the Firefox search bar or web address bar.

Remove Bing from Firefox New Tab

1. Open the Firefox browser, type the about:preferences#home text and press the Enter button.

2. In the “New Windows and Tabs section. If you see the website. Delete the website from the “Homepage and new windows” box.

Or, In front of “New tabs”, click the Firefox Home (Default) drop-down menu and select the Blank Page option.

Restart your Firefox browser and open a new tab. You will see that Firefox will not open Bing on your new tab.

Remove the Bing from the Firefox Browser

1. Click the Firefox menu three horizontal lines from the top-right corner of your browser and select the Settings option.

2. Select the Search with the magnifying glass icon from the left.

  • Scroll below the page and select the Bing in the “Search Shortcut” section.
  • You will find the Remove button below on the Search Engine list. Press the Remove button.

Reset your Firefox Browser

1. Into the Firefox web address bar, type the about:support text and press the Enter button.

2. Firefox troubleshooting information page will open. Under the “Give Firefox a tune up” section, press the Refresh Firefox button.

Follow upper any method to remove the Bing from your Firefox browser.

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