How to Open and Close the Inspect Element Window in Firefox

Inspect element is one of the essential tools for a web developer. You can edit a website code and see live results on your Firefox browser. Follow this lesson to open and close the inspect element in the Firefox browser.

Open Inspect Element Firefox using Right Click

1. Launch the Firefox browser and open a website.

2. Right-click any space on the website and select the Inspect option.

The inspector dialog box will open below the screen.

Inspect Element Firefox Shortcut

1. Open a website on your browser where you want to see the code.

2. Press and hold down the Ctrl + Shift key and press the C key (Ctrl + Shift + C) from your keyboard.

Or, you can also open it using the Ctrl + Shift + I key from the keyboard shortcut command.

Open Firefox Inspect Element using Firefox Menu

1. Click on the Firefox menu from the top right corner of the browser.

Select the More tools menu and choose the Web Developer Tools menu.

You can follow upper any method to open the inspect element in the Firefox browser.

Resize the Inspector Element Window in Firefox

1. Open the inspector element window using the upper method.

2. Hover your mouse pointer up to the inspector element window. The up and down arrow icon will show. Click and hold down and move it up and down to resize this window.

Close the Inspect Element in Firefox Browser

1. Click the X icon from the top right corner of inspect element dialog box.

Your Firefox browser inspects the element dialog box will close.

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