How to Show the Home Button in the Mozilla Firefox Browser

The Firefox home button helps you to visit the Firefox homepage quickly using this button. You can add your favorite website to this button. If you do not find the Firefox home button on your browser. Don’t worry. I will discuss how to show the home button in the Firefox browser.  

Show Home Button in Firefox

1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer.

2. Click the Firefox menu button from the top-right corner of three horizontal lines on your Firefox browser.

  • Select the More tools menu and choose the Customize toolbar option.

3. You will see the toolbar list. Click on the Home icon from the toolbar list. Drag and drop it in front of the reload icon.

4. Press the Done button from the right bottom corner of the Firefox browser.

The Firefox home button will show on the Firefox browser.

Hide the Home Button in Firefox Browser

1. Open the Firefox browser on your PC.

2. Go to the Firefox menu > More tools > Customize toolbar from the menu bar.

3. Click the Home icon in front of the reload icon. Drag and drop it on the toolbar icon list.

4. Click the Done button.

The Firefox home button will successfully hide from below the Firefox title bar.

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