How to Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser on Computer and Mobile

If you are facing Firefox freezing or other problems, then reset your browser to fix this problem. After reset, it will not delete your essential information, like bookmarks and passwords. It only removes your Firefox add-ons and other customization. After resetting your browser, it will be faster speeds and less lagging.

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox on Computer

1. Open Firefox on your PC or Mac.

2. Click the Firefox menu button from the top right corner of three horizontal lines of the Firefox browser.

  • A drop-down menu will appear. Select the Help menu. Few options will open and select the More troubleshooting information menu.

3. A new tab will open on your Firefox browser with your Firefox browser information.

Click on the Refresh Firefox button.

  • Refresh Firefox confirmation window will open. Click on the Refresh Firefox red button to reset your Firefox Browser.
  • Your Firefox browser will close and refresh itself.

4. A new window will open with Firefox cookies protection message. Press the Not now button.

5. You will see a Success message with two options.

  •  If you want to restore the previous windows and tabs, select the “Restore all Windows & tabs ” option.
  • If you want to open only one tab, select the “Restore only the ones you want” option.
  • Press the Let’s go! Button.

Your Mozilla Firefox browser will open with your selected option.

Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser on Android Mobile

1. Press the Settings app on your mobile phone.

2. Tap the Apps or App Manager to open the list of all installed applications.

3. Find the Firefox browser on the app list.

4. Firefox app information will display. Press the Storage option.

5. Touch on the Manage storage option.

6. Press the CLEAR ALL DATA button to clear your Firefox data.

7. Touch the OK button to confirm this process.

Your android Firefox app will restore to the default Firefox settings.

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