How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

Twitter allows users to follow and save hashtags on their Twitter profiles. It helps users to find their favorite topic quickly. In this, I will show you how to follow a hashtag on Twitter.

Manually Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

1. Open the Twitter website and login into your Twitter account.

2. Go to the Twitter search box from the top-right corner of the Twitter homepage, type the hashtag search term (including the hashtag) and hit the Enter button on the keyboard.

3. Twitter will show you the most recent tweets and popular accounts related to your hashtag.

4. You can also find out any profile using the hashtag. Just type the # with the Twitter profile name or company name, then Twitter will show you a few suggestions related to your search keyword. Select the profile from the suggested result to view this profile.

How to Save, Open and Delete Twitter Hashtag Search

Save Twitter Hashtag Search

1. Type the # with the keyword on the Twitter search box and press the Enter button.

2. Click the Horizontal three tod icon in front of the hashtag search to see more options.

  • Select the Save search option with the plus icon to save this hashtag search on Twitter.

You will see the saved search hashtag whenever you click the search box.

Open Twitter Hashtag from Save Search

1. Click on the Twitter search box in the upper right corner of the Twitter homepage.

2. Your Twitter hashtag search tag will open. Click the # with search keyword from the saved list.

Twitter hashtag search saved tag will open with the top result related to your hashtag.

Delete Twitter Hashtag Saved Search from Twitter

1. Press the Twitter search box to see the all-saved hashtag search tag.

2. You will see the red color recycle bin icon in front of the hashtag search. Click on the recycle bin icon to delete the hashtag search from Twitter.

How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter Mobile App

1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile.

2. Make sure you have already login to your Twitter account. Click on the search icon below on your mobile screen.

3. Touch into the “Search Twitter” box and input the # with the keyword. Select the hashtag from the search result.

Your selected hashtag will open with the top result.

Follow a Hashtag on Twitter using Tweetdeck

1. Open the website on your browser and login to this website using your Twitter account.

2. Click the search icon from the upper-left corner of this website. Type the hashtag search into the search box and hit the Enter button.

3. Twitter hashtag search will show the right sight of the page related to your selected topic.

4. Press the three-horizontal line to move this column left or right.

How to Follow Twitter Hashtags Using a Browser

1. Open your Twitter account using a browser.

2. Click on the Search box, type the hashtag search topic and hit the Enter button.

3. Your search topic will open, then click on the star icon on your browser to bookmark this page.

4. Your browser bookmark option will open. Click the Save button.

Now you can open the Twitter hashtags using the bookmark.

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