How to Create Spaces on Twitter

Twitter spaces officially launch in April 2021. But at this moment, this service is available only for android and iOS devices with the Twitter app. You can start audio-based chat conversations with your Twitter followers using Twitter spaces. Make a space on Twitter and invite your followers to chat with them. Follow a few quick steps to know how to create spaces on Twitter.

Create Twitter Spaces on Android Mobile

1. Launch the Twitter app on your mobile phone.

  • If you don’t find any option to join the Twitter space, update your Twitter app.

2. Tap the microphone icon bottom-middle of the Twitter app.

3. Twitter Spaces page will open. Tap the microphone icon with a plus.

4. Type your Twitter space name below the “Name your Space” text.

  • You can also add your topic on the “+ Add Topic” field.
  • If you want to record space, tap the “Record Space” radio button.
  • Few options will open, press the Got it button.
  • Press the Start your Space button to create a space on Twitter.
  • Invite people page will open. You can search for people or groups to invite them into your space. You will see a few suggested people, and tap on the profile you want to invite. After selecting the people, you will see a tick sign in front of the profile.
  • Press the next icon.
  • Tap the done button.

4. Press the “Share with a Tweet” to share these spaces on your Twitter profile.

5. Tap to the Mic is off with the microphone icon to turn on your mice on Twitter spaces.

I hope now you can create spaces on Twitter. If you face any problems, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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