How to Check What is Trending on Twitter

Twitter Trends is the most popular topic on Twitter. This feature helps users to find out the hottest topics of discussion on Twitter at this moment. This article will show you how to check what is trending on Twitter from a computer and mobile phone.

Check Trending Topics on Twitter using a Computer Browser

1. Login to your Twitter account using your Twitter account email address and password.

2. Click the # Explore tab, left sight second tab on your Twitter homepage.

3. Latest trending hashtags and topics will open. Please choose a topic from suggesting to view its details.

  • Press the Show more text link to see more trending topic suggestions.

4. After opening a topic, a trending suggestion will show the right sight of your screen.

Check Trending Twitter using a Mobile App

1. Open the Twitter app and login to your Twitter account.

2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon bottom of the page.

The current Twitter trends list will open. Tap to a category from the list to view this category’s trending topic.

How to Check Worldwide Trends on Twitter

1. Open a web browser, type the web address bar and hit the Enter button.

2. Click the down arrow icon from the top and select the Worldwide option.

You can select any country from this list to check the trending topic on Twitter on this country.

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