How to Block a Website on the Mozilla Firefox Browser

You can browse any website using the Mozilla Firefox browser. If your computer or mobile use multiple users, you can block any website on the Firefox browser free. You can block any website on windows, mac, android mobile, iPad and iPhone. This guide will show you How to block websites on the Firefox browser.

How to Block a Website on Mozilla Firefox Browser from Computer

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer. Copy the link, paste it on the Firefox web address bar and press the Enter button.

Tips: A new page will open with the add-on information. This add-on the part of the Firefox recommended Extensions programs. This add-on helps you to block individual websites in Mozilla Firefox. You can set up a private password for your Firefox browser and no one will be able to remove the blocked website without the password.

2. Click the Add to Firefox button to add this extension to your Firefox browser.

3. A message will appear. It is asking you for permission. Press the Add button to allow this add-on on your Firefox browser.

4. Another message will show in the upper right corner of your Firefox browser. If you want to allow this extension to run the Firefox private window, click the “Allow this extension to run in Private Windows” check box. Press the Okay button.

5. Recently added an add-on icon that will show the top right corner of the Firefox browser. Open a website you want to block on your browser and press this add-on icon.

  • A new window will open with your selected website URL. Press the OK button to block this website.

6. A new window will open with your selected website address. Input your recently blocked website link on the web address bar and hit the Enter button. You will see that your block website will not be open. So, your block extension is working successfully.

Now, if you want to block any website, follow the step = 5.

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