How to View a Website Source Code in Mozilla Firefox Browser

If you are a website designer, you sometimes need to view a website source code. You can easily view a website source code on the Firefox browser.

Firefox View Source Code

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer.

2. Type the website address on the web address bar which you like to view the source code and hit the Enter button.

3. Right-click any empty area of the page and choose the View Page Source option.

A new tab will open on the Firefox browser with your selected website source code.

Firefox View Source Shortcut

1. Open the website on your Firefox browser, which you like to view the source code.

2. Shortcut command is different. It depends on your operating system.

  • Windows and Linux Users: Press Ctrl + U button from your keyboard.
  • macOS users: Press the Cmd + U button.

I hope now you can view any website source code on your Firefox browser.

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