How to Stop Auto-Playing Animated GIFs in Mozilla Firefox Browser

When you visit a website, animated GIFs automatically play without your permission by default. But you can stop animated GIFs from auto-play on your browser. Follow a few quick steps to Firefox stop animated GIFs in your browser.

Stop Animated GIFs Auto-Playing in Firefox Browser

1. Open the Firefox browser on your computer.

2. Type the about:config text on the Firefox web address bar and hit the Enter button.

3. A message will open on your Firefox screen. Click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

4. Into the “Search preference name” box, type the “image.animation_mode” text.

5. Double-click the “image.animation_mode” from the search result.

  • You will see “normal” text in the box. Delete the text. Type the “once” text if you want to play animated GIFs one time and click the check box. The animated GIF file will play one time. After that, it will stop automatically.
  • If you don’t want to play animated GIFs on Firefox, type the “none” text into the box and press the check box to save these settings. After that, your animated file will not play until you play it.

Enable Firefox Animated GIFs to Play Automatically

1. Launch the Firefox browser.

2. Input the about:config text on the address bar and press Enter button.

3. Press the “Accept the Risk and Continue” button.

4. Type the “image.animation_mode” text into the box.

5. Click in front of the text pencil icon to edit the text.

6. Type the “normal” into the box and press the tick icon.

After that animated file will automatically play on your Firefox browser until you stop.

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