How to Enable JavaScript on Mozilla Firefox

To run your own script or across a website, you need to enable JavaScript on the Mozilla Firefox browser. JavaScript is enabled by default on Firefox. If you see that your Firefox browser JavaScript is disabled, you can easily enable JavaScript Firefox browser on your PC and Mobile.

How to Enable JavaScript Mozilla Firefox on Your Computer

1. Launch the Firefox browser on your computer. Input the about:config text on the Firefox address bar and hit the Enter button.

2. You will see the “Proceed with Caution” message on the Firefox window.

  • Press the Accept the risk and Continue button.

3. into the “Search Preference Name” box, type the JavaScript text.

  • JavaScript-related few search results will open. Click in front of javascript.enable the toggle button.

Tips: If the “javascript.enabled” show true, your Firefox browser javascript is already enabled. You don’t need to do anything.

  • If it shows false, that means JavaScript is disable on your Firefox browser.

Disable JavaScript on Mozilla Firefox

1. Follow upper lesson 1 to 3 steps. If you see that false in front of “javascript.enagled” text, your JavaScript is disabled.

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