How to Delete Saved Search on Twitter

Twitter has a saved search option. It helps the user to access a topic quickly without typing any words. But it has a limit. Twitter allows users to save 25 searches per account. So you need to delete un usage topics to free up space for new ones. Follow the article below to delete the saved search on Twitter using a computer and mobile phone.

Delete saved search on Twitter Using Computer

1. Open Twitter on your browser and sign in to your Twitter account.

2. Click on the Twitter search box from the top right corner of the page. Under the “Saved searches” section, you will see all Twitter saved searches list.

  • Press the trash icon in front of the search term, which saves the search item you want to delete from this list.

After that, your deleted search item, you will not see the Saved searches list.

Clear Saved Search in Twitter Using Android Mobile

1. Tap the Twitter app to open it.

2. Touch the Search icon bottom of the screen.

3. Tap the Search Twitter box. All saved searches will show below in the Saved section.

4. Touch the save search from the list you want to delete.

4. Saved search topic will open with the top result. Tap in front saved search topic three verticle top signs.

  • Press the Delete Search option to delete the saved search on Twitter on your mobile phone.

Your selected saved search topic will delete successfully.

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