Customize the Firefox Menu Bars and Toolbars

You can add and remove the buttons on the Firefox toolbar. You can show or hide the Title bar on the Firefox browser. Easily show or hide the menu bar on your Firefox browser. Restore your Firefox default settings.

Customize Firefox Menu Bars and Toolbars

1. Launch the Firefox browser on your PC.

2. Click on the Firefox menu in the top right corner of the three-horizontal line.

  • Select the More tools sub-menu and select the Customize toolbar option.

3. Click up to a tool and drag and drop it where you want to add it on the Firefox toolbar or overflow menu.

4. You can also remove an icon from the toolbar. Just click an icon from the taskbar or overflow menu, and drag and drop it on the icon list.

Show or Hide the Firefox Title Bar

1. Press the Firefox menu, select the More tools and select the Customize toolbar.

2. Click the Title Bar check box to show your Mozilla Firefox title bar.

  • If you tick the Title Bar, the Firefox title bar will show; if you uncheck it, then the Firefox title bar will hide.

3. Press the Done button.

Show or Hide the Firefox Menu Bar

1. Click the Firefox menu, go to More Tools and choose the Customize toolbar.

2. Press on the Toolbars from the left bottom of the page and select the Menu Bar option. Firefox menu bar will show the top of your browser.

  • Click the Done button.

Restore Defaults Settings on Firefox Browser

1. Go to Firefox menu > More Tools > Customize toolbar option.

2. Press the Restore Defaults button right below the customize toolbox page.

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